Our projects

Chosing the right location is the key to the business

Here are our most impressive current and future projects we are working on at the moment: large commercial space on the outskirts of towns or in the heart of the centre of town. Actimo is there to help you and to give you the best advice.

Actimo is the partner of investors and developers to achieve major developments in Rhone Alpes:not just shops but also majot brands as well as smaller outlets. 

As both buisness law and the quality of the lease are the guarantee of long lasting activity , merchandising and careful selection of the shop staffwho will manage the shop space, theses are the keys to sa successful project.

Firstly, the search for an asset requires acute knowledge of the esctor.

The launch of a development or leasing is always a bet on the future, that's why we offer commercial space in line with market prices and offering a quality finish.

A constuctive intermediary between the owner and leaser in or out of the city centre, Actimo finds the best location depending of the financial or technical requirements, while helping as much as possible, the developer.

Regularly in close contact with the shops and shopkeepers Actimo knows the needs of each individuel dvelopment from its conception to ensure a long lasting commercialisation.

Together, let's make your project